FEELS LIKE... 2018! Tennessee Takes Down Miami in Instant Classic to Win BCS Title, Gus Duggerton Earns First Ever National Championship

He did it! He did it! He did it!

Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers are 2018 BCS National Champions. It was not easy by any means, but when the clock struck zeroes, Coach Duggs and company outlasted Miami 41-34 in Glendale on Thursday night to get the program its first title in 20 years.

There was no shortage of drama in this one. In fact, it had more ups and downs than any football game we have seen in a long, long time. But there is no doubt who the hero is from this one: Burgerton. Rico Burgerton.

That right there ended up being the game-winning, and in this case, the championship-winning touchdown. But Rico Burgerton's journey to finding the end zone with 16 seconds left did not come without some hiccups. Two, yes, two injuries tried to sideline the Knoxville legend, but it didn't matter.

No. 39 was there when it mattered most.


In addition to Burgerton's phenomenal work on the ground, Tennessee QB Stefon Cheah showed some true guts tonight. 

Death, taxes, and the Cheah read option. It worked ALL season long, and it certainly worked tonight. What a way to go out for the quarterback.

If we are being real, one of the underrated reasons why Gus Duggerton and the Volunteers are National Champions isn't because of the flashy touchdowns or big stops. But the lack of turnovers was just tremendous all night long.


Sure, Coach Duggs' defense may have collapsed at times, specifically in the first half. But Composure Cat was locked in for the entirety of the 24-minute contest. No dumb turnovers, no throwing the controller, and very minimal yelling at Billy Football.

You could just sense it from the moment Gus Duggerton made that pregame speech in the locker room and exclaimed the Seven Maxims. There was absolutely no chance he was leaving the stadium a loser tonight.

So, the natural question: what's next for America's Coach? For now, he is going to enjoy this title run with his coaching staff and players. Nothing like lighting up a nice cigar and rocking some brand new CHAMPIONSHIP TEES!

Coach Duggs will enjoy his son's first birthday and his first Father's Day to recharge those batteries over the weekend. And then come Sunday night, the Coaching Carousel returns. Will he try to repeat in Knoxville? Or is it off to a brand new destination? Early reports suggest the latter.


But as you know, a lot can change in this biz very quickly. Hopefully we get a better idea of where Coach Duggs' head is at as the weekend rolls along. But for now, enjoy the present, Duggs Nation. YOU are all National Champions!!!