TBT: El Pres Does Occupy Boston

Eddie and I did a Dogwalk Episode today about what is going on out in Seattle. The whole Capital Hill Autonomous Zone/Occupied Protest CHAZ/CHOP thing is bananas. People in Seattle have set up their own country, essentially. They make the rules. I am DYING to talk to people on the ground there in Seattle to figure out what is going on in their brains. It made me think of Pres doing Occupy Boston. One of my favorite Pres moment. Classic, old school Barstool. Still had all of his own hair pretty much, Pirate Dog origin, was able to seemingly be accepted by people in the Occupy Boston movement and they didn't even know he was making fun of them. That is the magic of Pres. If people give him a chance, he can make them like him. This is him at his finest. 

If you want to hear more about the CHAZ/CHOP situation in Seattle you can listen below.