It Looks Like Francis "The Predator" Ngannou Will Be On Stand-By For Stipe Miocic/Daniel Cormier III

Here we've got some GREAT news regarding this Summer's UFC Heavyweight Championship contest, courtesy of The Schmozone podcast, where Dana White revealed that Francis Ngannou will likely be on stand-by if either Miocic or Cormier were unable to compete for any reason....

Yeah, we’ve talked to him about that - I don’t know where we are on those talks - but yeah, if one of those guys [Cormier or Miocic] fell out, we’ll be looking to put Francis in there.”

Honestly, I wanna see Miocic/Cormier III as much as the next guy, but Miocic/Ngannou II and Cormier/Ngannou are both such intriguing matchups that I don't even think I'd be disappointed if the opponents changed up on us at the last minute! I'd watch any and all of those fights in a heartbeat. 

I don't think DC could be too enthusiastic about that possibility after calling The Predator's last KO, however....

What a great time for the UFC Heavyweight Division - even the Curtis Blaydes/Alexander Volkov fight this weekend is pretty dope on paper! Can't wait for it.

P.S. Saw this wholesome ass video today and wanted to share….