Bill 'The Tastemaker' Belichick Created a Nationwide Demand for Alaskan Klees

Patriots draft.jpg

SI - A few weeks back, Sherry Holloway began to notice that a lot more people were asking about her favorite dogs. ...

There are the inevitable moments when the Alaskan Klee Kai reaches the big time and marries with celebrity. Holloway, who is the president of the Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America, as well as its chief historian, remembered when Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner owned a pair of Klee Kai pups (named Porky Basquait and Waldo Picasso). 

“I think Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter had one as well,” she said. (Indeed, Miley Cyrus’s Klee Kai was named Floyd.)

But this was different. ...

“It’s been quite an experience,” Holloway said. “We’ve had major questionnaires put in over the breeders’ websites and all these people are inquiring. I wasn’t quite sure if it was just the [stimulus checks during the pandemic] or maybe that everyone is home and trying to find a puppy to play with. Or maybe it was Belichick.”

That’s Bill Belichick, Patriots head coach. Around the time of the spike in Klee Kai inquiries, his own Klee Kai, Nike, took center stage during the NFL draft by dutifully sitting at the kitchen table behind Belichick’s laptop while the team was finalizing its first pick of the night, Lenoir-Rhyne safety Kyle Dugger. ...

Such is life for the most powerful dog in sports, who is quickly becoming a poster child for the breed. 

Coach. Genius. Empire Builder. Destroyer of Worlds. Second of His Name. King of Foxboro. Ruler of the Great FieldTurf Sea. Survivor of Scandals. Mover of Chains. Protector of the Six Banners. The man who sits on a throne atop the pyramid of skulls he built out of great armies like the K-Gun, the Greatest Show on Turf, The Colts of 2003 and '04 and two of the top scoring offenses in NFL history in consecutive postseason games, the 2018 Chiefs and Rams, now adds another title to his already unparalleled list. 


Celebrities with incomprehensibly huge followings couldn't do it. One of the most celebrated "it' couples of our age, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner couldn't do it. Mylie Cyrus couldn't do it. All their platinum albums and Turner's major role in some of the most successful TV ("Game of Thrones") and film ("X-Men") meant nothing to their billions of fans. But when Nike the Alaskan Klee's human companion let him take center stage in the dining room of the humble yet tasteful Nantucket home they share, it set off a nationwide demand for good boys as handsome, as faithful and noble as him. 

Take note, Joe, Sophie and Mylie. That's what true influence is all about. Being so successful in your chosen line of work that people want to be you. To have the things you have in order to own a piece of your life. Whether that means imitating your style:

Hiring away all your assistants. Or wanting to love the same kind of pet you love and setting off a national demand for them. That's more than mere influence. It's power. Let's all just be grateful that Belchick uses his power to do good. 

So best of luck to all the millions who want a Klee of their own. Give them a good home, as we dread the day the Jets call Belichick looking to make Nike their new GM.