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Ohio State and Alabama Announce Upcoming Home-and-Home

Alabama and Ohio State announced a home-and-home series on Thursday, with the Crimson Tide traveling to Columbus in 2027 and the Buckeyes returning the trip in 2028.

A non-conference game of this magnitude would be the biggest game in college football if it were to be played this upcoming season but college football teams, for whatever reason, insist on scheduling this far in advance — seven years is actually not very long at all for a series like this. I still have yet to hear a good explanation for why college basketball teams can finish their schedules in August for games which start in November, but we have to wait a decade for good non-conference football matchups. Nick Saban is going to be long gone by the time these games are played and the freshmen on these teams just finished up fifth grade.

Regardless, I'm glad we have at least mostly moved out of the era of teams scheduling as lightly as possible in non-conference — unless you're the University of Florida — and into one where we get games like this. Just look at who Ohio State has on its schedule in the upcoming years.

And those aren't neutral site games, either. Big time games like that on campus are what make college football so special. I'm down for a good neutral site clash every now and then, but these schools need to find a way to get more of these non-conference games on campus.

The last time the Buckeyes and Tide met was the epic Sugar Bowl and College Football Playoff Semifinal in 2015, when No. 4 Ohio State upset No. 1 Alabama en rout to the national championship. I don't know if these games will quite live up to that one, but they should be a fun couple of matchups.