The National Championship: Redemption

The National Championship. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I’d be ignorant if I didn’t acknowledge that Big Cat has lost the big one in classic meltdown fashion. The game plan tonight is simple: Protect Composure Cat.

I also need to get off my chest in acknowledging that the worst possible scenario happened for this title game. I wanted to play Navy. They had an 87 overall defense, we would have ran all over them and blew Navy out, trust me stopping the option is easy, that plays into our D’s strengths at Tennessee. What does not play into our strengths is dealing with a team that can pass. Miami can pass. What doesn’t play into our strengths is dealing with a team that is balanced. Miami has a 1500+ yard rusher and a QB who has thrown 28 TD’s on the season, they are VERY balanced. Our best DB is an 83 overall, we will rely on heavy pressure to bail out a less than impressive DB core. I have confidence in our ability to stop the run, but Miami’s defense is a 93, 10 points better than LSU and 6 points better than Navy. This game feels like the matchup vs unranked Alabama early on the year, it might come down to the last second, Composure Cat will be tested.

The X’s and O’s are important, football is chess, but we all know that a Big Cat meltdown trumps whatever game-plan there is. With 100k+ expected in attendance, this matchup is gonna provide for a much closer game than Navy or NC State, it is single handedly the toughest possible matchup that could’ve come from the potential Natty opponents. It makes me question though, would we want it any other way? This is the fitting ending to a season where everything looked hopeless and bleak, nothing was in our favor to get Big Cat to the Natty. The loss against Virginia Tech, the loss against Florida, winning 3 games by one possession, revamping the offense, adjusting the defense. Last year looked perfect, undefeated, flashy high powered offense, big personalities. This year looks nothing like that, injuries, grinding it out, 4 minute possessions, 12 pass attempts. It’s a tale of two teams, one who look destined for a natty and another who some would say doesn’t deserve to be there. Well we’re there and we can’t wait to prove we belong. If you think Big Cat and Tennessee aren’t winning this you’re a delusional, duggs hating, dick rider. Oh and expect a huge post game announcement from Big Cat, to the fucking moon. 

Coach Duggs vs The U