Justin Blackmon Was Arrested For Smoking Pot For the 100th Time, Has Seen Better Days

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USA Today - Justin Blackmon, the Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver under indefinite NFL suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, was arrested Wednesday night in Edmond, Okla., for alleged marijuana possession and a driving violation, according to the Edmond police department. Blackmon, a first-round draft pick of the Jaguars out of Oklahoma State in 2012, was released on $675 bond, police said. In November of last year, Blackmon received the indefinite NFL suspension. He had earlier been suspended the first four games of the 2013 season for violation of the substance abuse policy. Blackmon was a two-time Biletnikoff Award winner as the nation’s top receiver while at Oklahoma State and the No. 5 pick by the Jaguars in the 2012 NFL draft. Police said he was arrested at 6:22 p.m. He was approaching an intersection that was stopped for a red light, and he was trying to get into the left turn lane, said Jenny Monroe, public information officer for the Edmond police. “So to do that he went around all of the parked cars … to get into that left turn, and one of our officers was at that intersection and saw it happen,” said Monroe. Blackmon’s car was pulled over, and Monroe said the officer smelled the odor of marijuana from the vehicle.

I wish I loved anything as much as Justin Blackmon loves weed. Anything at all. My family, dogs, and hockey could gel into one superawesome being, and I still wouldn’t love it as much as Blackmon loves getting high. He was given a pretty easy deal: stop smoking for a few years, score a few touchdowns, make a few million dollars, and then you can Ricky Williams your way out of life, doing yoga in Africa until the cows come home (until you go dead broke and have to come back and play for the Ravens to cash a few more paychecks). Blackmon simply couldn’t do it. Which sucks, because as we all know by now, there is nothing worse in the NFL’s eyes than getting high.

Banner day for the NFL, by the way. Banner day. Camps are opening, everyone is all excited, then they get the 1-2 punch of a guy smoking doobs in his car getting suspended for basically life and a guy Mike Tyson’ing his fiance and being sent to time out.