Hard Factor Radio 6/18: Barstool Debates - Ellie Schnitt vs. Tommy Smokes & Top Stories

Hard Factor Radio returns with a fresh slate of top stories from around the world and another GREAT Barstool Debate between Tommy Smokes and Ellie Schnitt that you won't want to miss.  Listen to the full episode on Sirius On-demand by searching Hard Factor. 

First up, today's top stories: 

Flordia restaurant-goers and staff single-handedly fuck up reopening --  SIXTEEN people who went to a Jacksonville restaurant tested positive after a night out together and on top of that, other patrons have reached out to say they have tested positive as well.  Also, SEVEN restaurant workers tested positive just days later.  What're you doing sitting sixteen people at one table during all of this? Seriously.  A party of sixteen is just too many even without COVID restrictions.  I don't even know sixteen people I'd be happy going out with normally.  

The bar owner had this to say to a local news station:

“It literally spread like wildfire. So when I found out what had happened, I immediately closed the bar,” 

It's like this guy had no idea it was contagious…

He also claims that shutting the bar down and cleaning it, cost him nearly $30,000 and two neighboring bars have closed as well.  

The U.S. UNLEASHED a Ninja Bomb on two Al-Qaeda officials -- This past weekend US officials dropped the Hellfire R9X on a car carrying two Al-Qaeda leaders in Syria.  The R9X is a variation of the anti-tank missile regularly used by US Forces but is designed for human targets instead.  The R9X is known commonly as the 'Ninja' Bomb or the 'Knife' bomb and is one of the most accurate and cleanest devices we have when it comes to reducing collateral damage. On impact, the Ninja bomb shoots out several knives with the ability to kill the target and leave the person next to them virtually unharmed.  

The CHAZ/CHOP brokered a deal with Seattle officials -- Residents of the occupied protest zone have lost half their territory when Seattle police moved in on the CHOP with cement barracks.  CHOP residents negotiated with officials and got away with the deal of a lifetime! For half of their six-block territory, the CHOP people received plywood covering for the cement barracks so that they could use them as a canvas to express their feelings.  What a steal… 

Next up, Barstool Debates #2: Tommy Smokes v. Ellie Schnitt -- The final boss of sorority girl twitter faced off against the vape god himself in another ELECTRIC edition of Barstool Debates on Hard Factor Radio. 

Topic #1: The best location for a first date 

Topic #2: The best reality show

Topic #3: The best holiday.  

Both contenders brought incredible knowledge and points to argue to the debate and the final call from the judges was a tough one and some might say it was HIGHLY controversial.  

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