I Kicked Freddy Fazbear's Ass Last Night Mere Moments Before He Revealed How Big Of A Scam Artist He Is To The World


After 6.5 hours on Night 5 we took it DOWN last night. My Twitch Chat devised a master plan to keep one of the 2 possible doors closed from 3am and we hit a buzzer beater and won to defeat the game. Then it was all roses and daisies! It was 6am! We won! I got my check (my name was apparently Mike Schmidt) for $120 for risking my life. Although I was happy I felt like Donnie Brasco after he got his measly $500 bonus for infiltrating the fucking MAFIA for 4 years. I'm still celebrating like a champion despite the cheap security guard pay at Fazbear's Pizza then next thing I know the main menu says NIGHT 6.

NIGHT 6?!?!?! What the FUCK! The name of the game is literally "Five Nights At Freddy's". I knew Freddy was already a potential murderer, but to add scam artist onto that list? TRULY fucked. I'll see his ass again on Sunday night for the next horror stream and I'm coming in with a vengeance. Nobody lies to Mike Schmidt Security Guard and gets away with it.

And now we're live.  Let's get it: