Ray Rice Only Gets Two Game Suspension For Beating Up His Wife


Well our Ravens writer Banks is MIA, so I put it upon myself to say how ridiculous this is. Not that I care how long his suspension is, but because the NFL’s priorities when it comes to suspension lengths are out of whack. Yes, we get it, smoking weed is technically illegal in most places. War on drugs! Think of the kids! But what message is sent to the kids when a wife beater gets 2 games and a first time weed smoker gets 4? Terrell Pryor got 5 games for free tattoos he got before he was even in the NFL. Let that simmer in your brain. 5 games for free tattoos…in college. Kinda mind scratching. Hey kids, don’t puff some pot, but if your bitch gets on your bad side, feel free to take a swing! Maybe Banksy will have more on this later, but 2 games is getting away with (near) murder. So yea, maybe the NFL should re-evaluate what message this sends.

PS: Ray Rice is garbage now anyway right? Is he even a top 3 round pick in fantasy drafts? Ravens are probably pissed it wasn’t more games.