I've Never Felt Older Than I Did Watching This Video From The New Fortnite Season

As you can tell by my gif usage, I am an Old that isn't exactly on the cutting edge of #content. But what the fuck was going on in that video? How did we go from the Hunger Games on foot to the occasional ATV to waterskiing with Great Whites.  If you told me that someone created their own Fortnite clone and set it in Waterworld (another timely reference), I would believe you. 

I will also admit that a big reason I never became a Fortnite diehard is that my brain didn't move fast enough to build while fighting, or to even build in general. Creating a ramp to get to a treasure chest in the attic of a house took me 2 full minutes after multiple tries every single time, which meant I was cooked the minute any 8 year old saw me in an open field. I can't even say "Back in my day" about this because I am so washed I never had a day in Fortnite. But as someone that has a little kid that likes to walk around and chop down trees, I miss the good ol' days of the chaos inTilted Towers, breaking toilet bowls in the Flush Factory, and watching Smitty get his dick kicked in to thunderous laughter on a nightly basis.