Dr. Fauci Saying That Football May Not Happen At All This Year Is Not The News We Need To Hear Right Now

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ESPN- Dr. Anthony Fauci says football teams would need to emulate plans by the NBA and MLS for a "bubble" format or consider not playing in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a key member of the White House task force on the virus. He told CNN that football players would need to be isolated from others and tested regularly.

"Unless players are essentially in a bubble -- insulated from the community and they are tested nearly every day -- it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall," Fauci said. "If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football may not happen this year."

Hey Big Tone, read the room one time for me! American sports fans have been consistently getting their dicks kicked in. The baseball deal we were all cumming about yesterday seems like it was your typical case of early internet ejaculation because nobody on Twitter used a Roman Swipe before reading Heyman's tweet. The NBA season we all thought was a lock suddenly doesn't seem like a slam dunk (get it?). And hockey...well I think hockey is coming back with no problems? I swear to God it feels like the NHL went out of business once corona hit.

Which takes us to the NFL. The mere thought of the NFL season has been the only thing keeping me going. I'm diving into every article about how teams are handling virtual meetings, listen to every word Coach Judge says with bated breath and have officially started my fantasy researching because what the fuck else is there to do. I don't need the face of the War On Coronavirus in this country pissing in my Corn Flakes while the rest of the sports world goes to shit. I know Fauci was being interviewed when he said this. But couldn't he just hit'em with a no comment or take the fifth? You can take the fifth during an interview, right? Even if you can't, just give me a bunch of cliches like a Manning brother, tell people to wash their hands, put on a mask, and smack us on the ass before saying you'll see us in August when we actually have some sort of an idea where this crazy train is headed. 

Until then, tickle our balls by continuing the say an NFL season is feasible preferably without mentioning how thousands of NFL players/coaches/employees with have to stay in a bubble that seems like the most impossible thing ever. Save the bad news for when its necessary. Until then, it's positive vibes only in these parts. I'll do my part by including that awesome NFL 100 commercial from last year's Super Bowl. #PVO