Now Marco Rubio Is Trying To Pass A Bill Getting Rid Of State Laws And Requiring The NCAA To Let Athletes Make Money On Their NIL

I actually don't hate the premise of this in the sense of getting every state under the same law for name, image and likeness makes sense. I also don't hate that he put a date on there for the end of June 2021 for this to happen. But it's so fucking ridiculous that we've gotten to this point. And yeah, it's because the NCAA didn't want to adjust anything until its hand was forced by states like Florida and California. 

I can't stress this enough. This isn't going to implode college sports. This isn't going to ruin the Olympic sports that aren't revenue makers like basketball and football. You know why? This isn't going to cost the school extra money. If a school loses so much money they have to cut track or some shit like that, then it shows that people care more about the players. I don't think we get to that point. 

This is in reference to what Florida did last week: 

Again, I've said this so many times. Do you honestly think this will change anything? Is this going to change recruiting? No. The best football players already go to Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Clemson and Ohio State. The best basketball players already go to Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, etc. There is already a clear cut line of haves and have nots. Shit, you think there's parity in college football? Nope. There's barely parity in college hoops. Kansas wins the Big 12 every year. Kentucky has won the SEC over 50% of the time. It's the same group of teams competing every year with a few surprises which is just going to happen in an NCAA Tournament setting. 

Not to mention the NCAA keeps talking about putting in guardrails for their NIL rule. They don't want to ruin the 'integrity' of college sports, which is just an outrageous statement to start. The only thing that's going to do is make it tougher for the NCAA. They have to deem who is a booster - remember in this college hoops FBI investigation the argument is Adidas was a booster. Again, I don't understand why we're trying to act like players making money on NIL changes the game. You still have to go out and play. Look at college hoops - the best team wins the tournament roughly 3 out of 10 years. It doesn't matter what players make or if they are guaranteed an ad deal by going to a school. You still have to play the game and that's the shit we care about. 

This isn't a Title IX thing. This isn't a school thing. This is letting players make money on name, image and likeness based on what companies want to pay them. Who cares? I literally can't stress this enough. Why do we care if a college kid makes $20,000? It's not ruining the game. It's not changing the game. The fact that it's going to take multiple bills and laws to get to this point is fucking asinine. Just stop living like it's the 1940s with the amateurism rule. Adjust to the current day. Remember, this is what people are worth: