Hoops Transfer Nojel Eastern Is Forced To Transfer Again Because He Was Denied Admission Into Michigan, Fans Immediately Try To Recruit Him On Twitter

Well, here's a new one. Nojel Eastern announced he was transferring from Purdue to Michigan on May 14. It pissed A LOT of Purdue fans off, because, well I'm convinced Purdue fans are always pissed off. It didn't help that he was going to a Big 10 school even though Purdue took a Michigan transfer before. Remember Spike Albrecht? 

But this is where it's weird. I don't remember the last time a school and player announced that there was a transfer happening. Not even a transfer - someone who was trying to get a waiver to play right away.  Typically when that happens you get the commitment, make sure credits are transferring and there is no hold up and then announce it. Now we're going to have Nojel Eastern transferring again in late June. 

Eastern is a weird player. He's a great defensive player that can get to the rim on offense. But he's a massive liability in terms of shooting the ball, even at the free throw line. It's weird for a guard to have that sort of game. He also announced the transfer to Michigan a day after Matt Painter went on radio and pretty much blasted someone like him for leaving: 

But this is my favorite part of college sports. Fans lose their goddamn mind all the time and immediately try to recruit a player to their school. I can't stress this enough - don't do that. Players don't give a fuck what you say when you try to recruit them. I promise you DePaulLover420. There's too many tweets to put in here, but just look under his original tweet. 


My personal favorite of tagging your team's coach in the tweet:

A lot of people wanting him to go to Northwestern. Not sure how he'd be admitted there honestly, they save those spots for geniuses like WhiteSoxDave. Kinda hope he just goes to another Big 10 school though.