Joe Burrow Having A Better Projected Season Than Baker Mayfield Is The Most Insulting Thing I've Ever Seen

Okay, let's first start by making it clear that this is NOT a Browns blog. To be transparent, it's not even a football blog. This is simply a common sense blog. And we're about to find out which of our readers have this little organ in the center of their nervous system that doctors call a BRAIN. Anyone with a brain knows these projects are so insulting and inaccurate that it's laugh out loud funny. Joe Burrow is projected to have better statistics this season than Baker Mayfield? What planet are we on?

Now you guys know me, I am not high on Baker Mayfield right now. Do I want to be? Yes, there's no one I'd rather have lead the Browns to victory than Baker Reagan Mayfield. There's no one more fun to win with that #6. BUT, we haven't been winning, and there's no one more frustrating to defend than Baker (and OBJ) when you're losing. Shut up and win! The dude needs to play better than he did last year. And he will. BECAUSE THE BROWNS ROSTER IS LOADED. We have the #2 ranked supporting cast for a QB in the entire NFL behind the Chiefs, and then all of a sudden when you factor in the QB, we drop to a 9 win over/under team and have worse projected stats than the rookie for the Cincinnati Bengals?

That's my entire point here. I don't care if you put Weird Haircut Seth throwing the football to the Browns this year, I'd project him with better statistics than Joe Burrow. Baker is throwing to two Pro Bowl receivers in OBJ and Jarvis Landry. He's got what people say could be the best tight end in the league in Austin Hooper. He's got the best running back in the NFL behind him in Nick Chubb. And he's got a new and improved line. There is a 0.0% chance he doesn't have a better year this season. Oh, and not to mention our head coach is no longer a dunce.

Then flip that over to Joe Burrow, who very well may be better than Baker Mayfield, both now and for the years to come. But who is he surrounded with? Always injured AJ Green. His WR2 will be another rookie. Joe Mixon in the backfield. And he's behind a terrible offensive line. The Bengals are a 4-12 team if they play their absolute best in all 16 games. It's just not fathomable to think that Burrow is going to win his 4 games AND have a better year than Baker, who leads a 10-6 team at minimum. Bakers efficency will be up. His interceptions will be down. And he'll certainly throw more than 20 touchdowns. Is PFF serious? 20??

I want to know who makes these projections or this algorithm that spits them out, and I have one simple question for them: how do you have a job?