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Uhhhh So An Entire Cliff Fell Onto The Road Somewhere In Ohio

Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 3.43.49 PM



LB- There’s plenty of stuff to worry about out on America’s highways and byways but what about massive house-sized boulders dropping onto the road from out of nowhere? Who anticipates they will be driving along one day when suddenly a rock the size of a building will just crash down right in front of them? Add this to the list of s–t you have to think about when you’re driving, at least in areas where rockslides are a genuine danger. Oh great. I might be driving to work one day when a rock bigger than my house becomes dislodged from a hillside and slams down on me. Fantastic. Crazy drivers? Fine. Bad weather? Sure. Mechanical failure? Yup. Bazillion-ton boulders plummeting from the heavens in the middle of an otherwise normal day? No way. Just imagine it though. You’re driving along one day and you see this scene in front of you? That’s where I turn around, drive home, lock the door and climb back into bed. Maybe forever.




Every news story I saw on this said things like, “Boulder falls onto highway” or “Boulder smashes to ground and blocks traffic.”  Uhhhhh I’m no expert but that looks like the side of a mountain came tumbling down.  Calling that thing a boulder undersells the story a bit.  I don’t know the definition of boulder but that looks a lot fucking bigger than a boulder.  That’s a cliff side.  You could fit 300 standing people on that thing.  Maybe the scale is a little of but I’m strictly judging it from the size of the rock to that cop car.  My question is how did they not know this was gonna happen?  It’s one thing to have a boulder roll down a hill.  Its another thing for half of a hillside to break off and almost crush 1,000 cars.  I guess the lesson here is the next time you see one of those, “Beware Of Falling Rocks” signs, actually beware.  Because if that slab on rock fell on your car you wouldn’t have any idea it happened.