BIG news today for the state of Illinois and horse racing. All season long it sounded like Arlington was just going to completely close up shop and it made NO sense to me on the surface. If every single track around the country can seemingly remain open then Arlington should be able to as well. Now, we get a shocking update. Open for business starting July 23rd. No fans at the moment, but hopefully as Illinois continues to improve over the summer and a second wave stays away we can have some Fall days at the track. Which is especially good because...

WSD, Eddie, and I are all apart of the Crowns Way ownership group. I really want to have a day at the races. Rent some coach buses, load them up with stoolies and cases of great tasting, less filling Miller Lites and have ourselves a day. Should be great. Also, if you want to just be in on this horse racing ownership group you can hit me up Getting into Horse Racing pretty heavy has been the best part of quarantine for me. Never would've done it if there were hockey playoffs going on and now I'm never looking back. 

Even if you're not into horse racing...this is just a positive sign that Illinois is heading in the right direction. Baseball is coming back, the ponies are coming back, we are on our way.