Recommended: Johnny Marr - How Soon Is Now (Live at KCRW's Apogee Sessions 2013)

Today on 'Recommended:', I'm bringin you the mighty Johnny Marr of The Smiths performing "How Soon Is Now?" off the band's 1984 album 'Hatful of Hollow', LIVE at KCRW's Apogee Sessions!

If you know this tune, you're probably used to Morrissey singing it, but I kinda feel like fuck Morrissey nowadays, and Johnny Marr slaaaaays his vocal track here - not to mention his tasty ass tone and playing throughout. Mothafucka tunes down mid-song with a capo on. Shit is bananas! 

Anyway, here's a funny story about Noel Gallagher smashing a guitar that Johnny Marr lent him over a fan's head...

.....a guitar gifted to Johnny Marr by Pete Townshend, nonetheless!