A Florida Judge Ruled Zion Won't Have To Testify Under Oath So It's Important To Remember All The Dickhead Things Coach K Has Gotten A Pass For

And there it is. This was expected as there was precedent for this thanks to Sergei Federov. So congrats (for now, this can still go to North Carolina) on your Elite 8 banner with Zion, Duke. It's important to remember that Coach K is still a lying dickhead who is a great coach. It's important to remember that these are the houses that Zion's parents lived in during high school and college

It's important to remember that Lance Thomas received $100,000 credit from a jeweler, used $30,000 cash while a student. The jeweler refused to work with the NCAA in their investigation, so they had to drop it.

It's important to remember that he shouted at Semi Ojeleye's mother when they said they wanted to transfer. It's important to remember that Wendell Carter Jr's mom called him out for being a liar

“My initial reaction, I was pissed. And it wasn’t pissed because Marvin was coming. To be honest, I felt like that was information that was kept from us,” Kylia Carter said. “It felt (shady), it felt like my baby was gonna get kicked to the curb. I felt like all of that.”

It's important to remember that Corey Maggette admitted that he took cash payments from his summer league coach. That would make him ineligible at Duke - he didn't miss any games. Really this is no different than when a player gets ruled ineligible for getting paid by an agent when in school (Marcus Camby). This is also the same scenario as like James Wiseman who was suspended 12 games because he took money from Penny, when he was just an AAU coach. Zero at Duke though. 

It's important to remember he scolded Oregon's Dillon Brooks with a camera on him and lied about it making everyone question the kid

Or that he did the same exact thing to Virginia Tech

He very well might be the greatest college hoops coach. It's no doubt he's a lying dickhead who is a sore loser and has gotten lucky breaks all over the place to avoid NCAA sanctions. That's why people care about this Zion thing. No one gives a fuck if Zion actually got paid - he deserved to get paid. It's the fact that K and Duke have this history of being lying dickheads. It's important to remember that.