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The Carolina Panthers Asked Their Fans Which Player Is The GOAT Of Their Franchise: Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, Or Luke Kuechly

At this point, I actually have to give the Panthers credit for how they've approached this whole breakup with Cam Newton. Fuck half measures when you are moving on from a franchise quarterback. You gotta go all in by burning the bridge and leaving nothing but water so neither of you think about getting together back together if things don't work out with the new guy Bridgewater. YUCK, that sounded a lot better in my head than it appeared on virtual paper. I apologize.

Anyway, the Panthers already made things perfectly awkward by announcing they were moving on from Cam weeks before actually cutting him and now they completely cut him out of their GOAT conversation on social media, which is essentially the sports version of Ethering someone in 2020. No better way to end things than by going completely nuclear! And look, I get it. Those other three guys in that tweet are no fucking slouches. Julius Peppers is 4th all-time in sacks and one of the best pass rushers ever, a position I can appreciate as a Giants fan since it is a huge reason my team has won four Super Bowls. Luke Kuechly was a Defensive Player of the Year, 5-time All Pro, and points machine in my IDP league whenever he was able to stay on the field. And I would rather talk trash about my own mother than trash talk Steve Smith, who won the last receiving triple crown back in 2005 as a 5'9" receiver, led the league in receiving yards per game in 2008 despite the Panthers being last in the league in pass attempts, and may be the greatest trash talker ever.

But you gotta have Cam SOMEWHERE in that list. I don't care if you vote via Quote Retweet, by that new awful voice tweet thing Twitter is rolling out, or by writing a letter to Panthers HQ via snail mail. But the guy that played the most important position in sports for your team and won MVP during the 15-1 season where he scored 45 total touchdowns and led you to the Super Bowl needs to be somewhere on the list. I cannot WAIT to see what type of hieroglyphic rant Cam replies to this with.

And that was getting upset about some random stupid NFL story because nothing else was going on.