Suns Rookie Jalen Lecque Is Getting Ready For Orlando By Casually Throwing Down Windmill Dunks From The FT Line

This is Jalen Lecque, a rookie for the Suns. You may remember his name because he was supposed to go to NC State, but decided to skip college due to playing at a prep school and going right to the NBA. Now you may be shocked to know the Suns are actually going to Orlando as one of the 22 teams that are advancing to the pseudo playoffs. Good to see him getting ready by oh, just casually throwing down a windmill dunk from the FT line. 

I don't want to hear this his foot was slightly in front of the line. He's fucking listed at 6'4" so he's probably more 6'2" and he's throwing down  windmills. Yeah, we might be starved to watch sports so I'm a bit too excited for a dunk. These are the kind of dunks I like to see. I don't need the gimmicks. I don't need hoverboards and that shit. Give me a guy around 6'4" (really the perfect dunk height are the wings between 6'3" and 6'6") just showing how fucking athletic he is. 

Plus it's his birthday dunk guys

I know the dunk contest needs names. We need Ja and Zion and really guys like that to help get it back. But give me a guy like Lecque thrown in there. I want to see the best dunkers. Fuck it, make it 8 guys and give me 5-6 names and 2-3 guys that are just pure dunkers. Like I could watch Derrick Jones dunk at all times. 

Oh and just don't let D Wade anywhere the fuck near it.