Today in MLB Sucking: Teams Are Trying to Get Draft Picks to Sign 2021 Contracts Rather Than 2020 to Get an Extra Year of Control

It would be comical how much Major League Baseball can't get out of its own way if it weren't so ridiculous.

In today's news, some teams are apparently trying to get their picks from last week's MLB Drafts to sign contracts which don't begin until 2021 to gain an extra year of control. Rookie baseball contracts are already incredibly lengthy and teams have ways in place to game the service time system as it is — Kris Bryant and Ronald Acuña can tell you all about that.

And while, for the staunchest of ownership supporters, a contract starting in 2021 might make some level of sense given the lack of minor leage season this year, it doesn't take too much digging to see why that actually doesn't make sense at all.

Somehow I doubt if a top draft pick signed one of these contracts starting next year, he'd be allowed to go play in the KBO for the rest of this season. While there might not be any MiLB season in 2020, these draft picks are still having their labor controlled by the franchises which selected them.

I really hope somebody steps in and rules that this practice can't be allowed, because these amateur players have already been screwed over enough with the shortening of the MLB Draft to five rounds and having all other players sign for a maximum of $20,000. A college senior signing a seven-year contract as it is won't be able to reach free agency until he's 29. Adding another year to that is just absurd.

Major League Baseball: continually finding ways to make itself more of a joke since 1869.