Epic Battle Between A Buggy And A Bush, Who Walks Away Victorious?



Good job, good effort.  It’s not everyday you get embarrassed by a piece of shrubbery.


Seriously though, props on the idea.  Just not the result.  Tough guys will say, “Just dig it out man.  Get in there and get it out yourself.  You don’t need a buggy when you’ve got elbow grease.  Get your hands dirty.”  Shhhhhhhhhut your mouths.  Why do that when you’ve got a perfectly good buggy you can attach to it and rip it outta there (or at least that was the idea)?  I would’ve done the exact same thing.  Yard work and actually putting forth an effort is for the birds.  Yard work sucks because everything just grows back and you gotta do it all over again.  It’s an endless pursuit.  Mother Nature is a real bitch in that aspect.