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Lebron's Tribute To Lauren Hill Struck Me As So Lebron It Hurts





Listen lots of celebrities have tweeted acknowledgements about Lauren Hill’s passing.   Kmarko blogged it earlier today.  Truly a sad story and yes she was an inspiration to everybody.   But is Bron Bron kidding me with his tribute?  It’s just so over the top.  It’s so Bron Bron.  He couldn’t just say something normal and leave it at that?  Nope he had to make it about him.  I mean say hello to my grandmother?  What?  And until we meet again?  Hey asshole I have a question for you.  If you were so touched by this girl why didn’t you take time out of your schedule to actually meet her while she was still alive?  I’m sure she would have appreciated that, but instead you just kept talking about how much you loved and respected her on social media.   Classic Bron Bron PR move.  Probably doesn’t even know what she looks like.   Always has to make a scene.