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The New Bachelor Is Black And I Don't Like It

The timing of the first black bachelor feels forced and inauthentic. Black people want the world to recognize that our lives matter. That's it. And now we have companies and corporations bending over backward to show the world, "Look at how much we love black people!"

Pandering to black people has been taken to a whole new level after the murder of George Floyd. Don't believe me? CBS is simulcasting the BET Awards this year and I can't wait for the world to see just how entertainingly black that award show is, every year. Not sure how Matt James giving out roses to the united nations of bachelorette contestants will help people realize that black lives matter, but either way the marketing worked. I, along with the rest of the Love and Hip-Hop crowd, will be glued to the next season of ABC's The Bachelor like Fran, Ria, and Trent have for so many years. I will be here to offer up my opinion on all the drama surrounding Matt James giving his final rose to either that one black girl he likes or that one white girl he likes. I'm sure I'll be furious with either decision. 

Listen to Willie and I discussing exactly what's wrong with the new black bachelor during this episode of 2Biggs.

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