DC Police Are Looking For Indefinitely Suspended Fred Davis For a Domestic Violence/Simple Assault

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Oh Fred. Fred, Fred, Fred. You coulda been someone. All the tools in the world to be a Pro Bowl tight end. Besides a brain. Must suck to be born without a brain. Everything else is there. Tall, fast, black. The perfect football player. But not two brain cells to rub together.


Hogs Haven - Fred Davis is continuing to have one of the worst years of his life, and once again finds himself in trouble with the law. Davis was suspended indefinitely in February for violating the NFL’s PED policy by allegedly taking a substance that was on the NFL’s banned list. The next day Davis was charged with a DUI when he was reportedly asleep at the wheel at an intersection. Davis was able to get that case dismissed by actually hiring an attorney not named Fred Davis. Reports have come out today that Davis is wanted by DC Police in connection with a domestic/simple assault that happened on June 3rd at 3 am. Davis played at the NFL vs Wounded Warriors charity softball game along with several Redskins that same day.


I am a bit confused if they legit can’t find him, or are just now getting around to looking, or what. Is he actually hiding from the police, on the run? That would be kinda cool. With training camp kicking off and Jason Hatcher on the PUP and all eyes on RG3 and his knee, we could use an international manhunt for Fred Davis. I don’t hate the idea.