Marcus Rashford Of Manchester United Just Singlehandedly Changed UK Policy And Got Food Vouchers For At Risk Children During The Pandemic

An inspirational story to start the day. Marcus Rashford just improved the lives of probably thousands of children across the UK by eloquently standing up for what is right. This is one of maybe the lesser told catastrophes of Covid-19. You're going to have children going hungry. That is why we've seen private citizens, companies, and organizations like the Blackhawks organizing food drives and making massive donations. In the face of that, UK was basically like "fook our children and they food". Rashford wasn't having any of that. That interview where he talks about going to a place called Pound World which sounds like the Dollar Store in America and he would live off of one yogurt a day was heartbreaking. I don't care what your politics are...that should never happen in countries as wealthy as the UK or America. Bare minimum, we should be able to provide food for children who need it. That's what Rashford stepped up to do and he used his platform to get it done. 

And honestly, credit to Boris Johnson as well. When you're an elected official, you're supposed to do the will of the people. That is what a representative democracy is all about. I feel like that gets lost on the government in these modern times. Rashford and his 10 million + followers on social media platforms let the UK government know how they felt on this issue and Boris reversed course and delivered. It was a public referendum on the program in real time and now children across the country will benefit. That is how you successfully use a platform. Credit to Rashford, Johnson, and the people of the UK.