Wake Up With Bill Russell Shoving Kendrick Perkins In A Virtual Locker

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I know this gets said a lot of the internet, but holy shit Bill Russell killed a guy. As a Celtics fan this sure did put my brain in a pretzel. I love Perk and will always love Perk for being part of the only title team I've ever seen, even if he is on the Klutch payroll. But Bill Russell is the GOAT. Period. Don't think you can put that tweet out and think Bill Russell is going to let it slide. I can only imagine the fear that went through Perk's body when he saw those notifications. He had no choice but to try and walk it back as best he could but the damage was already done. 


This is why Bill Russell rules. He may be on the back nine but that competitive spirit is still as sharp as ever. If he needs to shove someone in a locker for being disrespectful on the internet than that's exactly what he's going to do without hesitation. You know it was really him too which is what makes this so great. Maybe his wife actually did the tweeting but Bill 100% told her what to say. 

As a reminder for all the young stoolies out there, this is Russell's resume

11x NBA Champ

12x All Star

11x All NBA

4x Rebounding Champ

5x MVP

1x All NBA Defense

10-0 in Game 7s

the greatest winner in the history of the NBA and also the most athletic. Don't dare suggest otherwise or else he's going to come from the clouds and dunk on your face like the legend he truly is.