Geaux Vols! Tennessee Defeats LSU in SEC Title Game, Sets Up National Championship Battle With Miami

The Tennessee Volunteers are heading back to the BCS Championship Game! After a 48-35 win over No. 6 LSU in the SEC Title Game, Gus Duggerton and company leapfrogged Navy to take the top spot in the rankings when it was all said and done. 

You've got to feel for the troops at the United State Naval Academy. A season nobody will ever forget in Annapolis, but eventually, the lack of a conference title game ended up costing them.

As for Duggs' opponent? The No. 2 Miami Hurricanes. The U certainly earned their spot in this contest as well, upsetting then-No. 3 NC State in the ACC Championship.

More on that game coming later this week, but for now, let's recap what we saw in Atlanta tonight.

We are so used to seeing Coach Duggs' squad get off to a slow start. Tonight? That was not the case.

But after that, BOTH Tennessee running backs got a mild case of butterfingers...

There's one thing you have to know about Rico Burgerton, however. The man is not a quitter. You really thought after making the tough decision to come back for his senior season, missing five weeks due to injury, AND a brutal fumble is how he would want to go out? Think again.


In the second half, Coach Duggs stuck to the offensive game plan of run, run, and more run. Jazz Owens and Burgerton grounded and pounded their ways to the end zone for some more much-needed points.


So, it's safe to say that no matter what happens on Thursday night (9:17 PM ET), Rico Burgerton has cemented his spot as one of the all-time great Tennessee Volunteers. He is fully healthy ahead of the biggest game of his life and his final time suiting up in orange.

Tomorrow is a much-needed off day for Duggs and company as they fly out to Phoenix, as the Vols hope to get redemption in the same, exact spot where their dreams were crushed just a year ago.

Enjoy the break and we will see you on Thursday night with the crystal ball at stake!