Wake Up With Barry Bonds Hitting Missiles In A Random Japanese Home Run Derby

Have you ever seen someone care less about performing in a Home Run Derby? Barry Bonds looks MISERABLE here. Like he just showed up to collect a check, chew some bubble gum, and hit some dongs. And he's all out of bubble gum. I mean he was taking swing and and not even finishing the backswing, just getting ready to see the next pitch. He looks like he was counting down the minutes until he could get on a plane back home. And it's not like they're short homers either, he was hitting TANKS. Bombs into that little balcony thing up there a few times, off some of the signs wayyyyy up there. Ichiro and Hideki Matsui looking less than thrilled too. The announcers loved it though, I could listen to them announce anything. Bonds up there basically hitting wiffleballs all for a check. I don't hate it. 

PS. Put Barry in the Hall.