Today In Kyrie's Insane Thoughts: He Proposed That NBA Players Just Go Start Their Own League ... THEIR. OWN. LEAGUE.

This isn't even about Kyrie trying to convince the Nets to skip the bubble or anything like that. We've blogged that at length. This is about Kyrie's thought that the players could start their own league. Let me repeat that because I've been laughing for a few minutes now at this thought. Kyrie proposed that the players can start their own league. 

Maybe in this fake league the Knicks actually have a chance. I get that the top NBA players have a shit ton of money. But even then, the teams are worth BILLIONS of dollars. Now, unless this is him proposing they leave and start a Baseketball league, there's no way this works. That's the last league that worked and well, it was in a movie. 

I just need to know the details of what he proposed here. How many teams? What players is he targeting? What cities? These are the details we need. Someone get Shams and Woj on the line and start leaking the details. Tell Shams to stop telling us how Orlando is essentially AAU mixed with Five Star camp right now. This is taking control of my mind and I need details.

Really it just shows that Kyrie is not a serious person. His negotiation skills need help too. 'Hey, I have concerns about playing in Orland.' Most normal people are like okay, there are concerns, completely understandable. 'I think we should just go play our own league.' No normal person says that. There's a middle ground somewhere Kyrie! 

Fuck it, I'm rooting for the Kyrie league now. He's willing to risk it all, let's see what he has. Go start this new league and see who he can recruit. I want to see this play out more than anything else at the moment. And that sums up today in Kyrie's asinine thoughts. We'll check back in tomorrow.