Is Pogostick The Xtreme Sport Of The Future?

"Go big or go home" - Unknown

"Holy fuck, pogostickers are so hot. I would totally do one of them" - Your Mom. 

You thought you used to be hot shit when you were a kid because you could get to 100 boring ass bounces on a pogostick. But here we have these certified legends busting out bar spins, stick flips and backflips right in your face. These are the gnarliest of the gnarly. Just some beasts who were born to shred. 

What's crazy is that there's a whole pogostick community out there that you didn't even know existed. Like there are people out there who know the names of these guys. Fans out there who probably refer to at least one person as "the Michael Jordan of pogo". And there really can't be any casual pogostick fans out there. I feel like if you're a fan of pogo, you're all the way in. Nobody is showing up to the Pogopalooza World Championships without being a die hard fan. 

Which is why I've never understood people who bitch on blogs about "nobody cares about [insert whatever the blog subject is here]". Clearly there are some people who care. It might not be the same 12.6 million people who are tuning into Monday Night Football every week but there's gotta be at least one of you out there who reads the site and is also super into the world of pogo. And I love that shit. 

Anyway, to answer the original question posed in the headline--yes, pogostick is without a doubt the Xtreme Sport of the Future. And if I don't hear Sal Masekela announcing it at the XGames soon, I'm going to throw a fit.