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The NBA Assigned The Hotels At Disney Based On How Good Teams Were

I don't know why, but I find this hilarious. I remember one of the ideas for homecourt advantage was to make the lower seeds stay in the "shittier" resort and would you look at that. The league decided to split everyone up based on seeding. Now I won't claim to be a Disney expert, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how this is broken up:

Grand Destino: Congratulations! We think you have a shot at the title and might be in Disney for a while. Congratulations on the great regular season, you have the best advantage out of everyone!

Grant Floridian: Welcome! You'll be here for a little bit, but we're not wasting the best we have on you. Nice enough to where if you make a deep run you'll be comfortable, but we don't anticipate that happening.

Yacht Club: Enjoy your offseason.

There are so many parts of why this rules. First the comedy aspect, but then you factor in the potential tampering, the late night sneaking around rooms, there's potential for this to be a content goldmine. These guys are going to be trapped inside, you know they are going to be messing with their phones. Can't wait for that. 

In my opinion this can also get even better. If there's an upset and a lower seed wins a series, they should get to move into the better hotel. We all said we wanted this playoffs to have a weird factor right? Well put not just your spot in the playoffs but also your hotel room on the line. Why not add any other sort of motivation in this unique environment.

I just couldn't imagine rooting for a team that isn't staying at the Grand Destino. Tragic really.