MLB Players Launch 'Tell Us When and Where' Social Media Campaign in an Effort to Get Rob Manfred to Cut the Shit

A day after MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred went back on his word from just last week and said he is "not confident" there will be a 2020 Major League Baseball season, a plethora of players took to social media Tuesday to pressure the league to implement some sort of season.

The players said simply, "Tell us when and where."

There won't be a deal between the players and owners, after months of those negotiations went nowhere thanks to a host of assholes refusing to budge on several things. But now the season is in the hands of Manfred, who just last week used the phrase "100 percent" to describe the likelihood of a 2020 baseball season.

Manfred can implement a season whenever he wants, but yesterday came out and said he doesn't know if that's going to happen. Whether that is genuine or a delay tactic in an effort to waste some time and then make the mandated season shorter, it's a load of horse shit and he is contributing heavily to the current downfall of his own sport.

These negotiations have already made MLB look incompetent, but the loss of a season — just a year out from another labor negotiation which will assuredly be far worse than this one — would create a catastrophic situation for baseball as a sport going forward. Manfred has made himself the clear frontrunner for worst person at a job only four people in this country have, one of whom is Gary Bettman.

Tell them when and where, Rob.