PJ Washington Is Having Himself A Great Rookie Season

PJ Washington had himself a pretty good rookie year this season for the Hornets. He started in 57 of the 58 games he appeared in and put up 12.2/5.4/2.1 on 45/37% splits in 30 minutes a night doing shit like this

Not bad for a 21 year old if you ask me. Well I have to say the social media announcement that he is in fact dating Brittany Renner is a much bigger accomplishment. You may remember when she would head out to Rupp Arena in 2019 while he was playing for Kentucky

so it's not like this was new, but now it's IG official which is about as binding as you can get in 2020. Frankly that's all I really have on the matter. I know why you clicked this blog, you know why you clicked this blog, so let's just get right down to it. No need to dance around it any further. Pageviews are pageviews last time I checked. No need to thank me for my service.