The First Week Of September In Kentucky Just Became A Fantasy Week For Every Gambler And Sports Fan

So the news of Kentucky moving its football game to Thursday just broke. That's not what this blog is about so don't worry. This is about the wet dream that Labor Day Weekend in Kentucky is for gamblers and sports fans alike. Look at this schedule now: 

We're going positive vibes only here folks. This is going to happen. If you've never been in Kentucky for Derby weekend it's legit one of the most fun weekends of the year. Bars are open until 6am. You never know who you end up partying with at the bar. Oaks is the day for Louisville. That's the city special and that's legit a more fun day than Derby day. It doesn't matter if you sit in the infield (you're not sitting) or sitting in a real seat, you need to go to the Derby once in your life. It's such a perfect party weekend. 

Hell you could hit a Louisville game, a Kentucky game, Oaks and Derby? And on top of that you still have an extra day for Labor Day Sunday and Monday with a few games on TV? I'm fucking aroused thinking about it. Again, positive vibes only that fans will be there and this goes according to plan. It doesn't even matter that 4 of the top-10 horses dropped out Derby already with Nadal, Charlatan, Wells Bayou and Maxfield all either being retired, hurt, various other reasons. It's still the goddamn Derby. 

We thought May 2, 2015 was sports armageddon with Derby and Mayweather/Pacquio headlining with NFL Draft and baseball on the undercard. That has nothing compared to what we could get this year in September. Remember we'll have NBA going on, NFL getting ready to start, NHL going on, golf going on. 

PS: If Kentucky doesn't wear a color rush jersey for Thursday then what are we doing here?