Working Out In A Plastic Cube Of Your Own Sweat Is Now Possible Thanks To Gym Pods


NY POST - A California gym has reopened with individual workout pods for clients to maintain social distancing while getting shredded, according to a report.

Using shower curtains and pipes, Inspire South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach has installed nine pods to assign to members when they visit for workout classes, news station KTLA reported.

Credit where credit is due: this innovative man will not quit. 

His gym has been closed for months, but the moment he was given the green flag to re-open, he got to work and adjusted his space with shower curtains to meet the social-distancing requirements. Genius. Why pay all that extra money for Plexiglas when a good ol' shower curtain will do the trick? 

Sure, the smell will be completely suffocating in each individual pod, but he's not the one trapped in a plastic case of heat and onion-smelling sweat - they are. 


You ever work out next to someone who is just POURING sweat out of their body to the point where you're concerned they may actually slip on the pool of their own bodily secretion? Now picture that same person not in an open-air gym, but instead surrounded by three walls of plastic, with very little escape access for his sweat and body heat. YIKES. God bless the employee that has to go in there and clean after that guy. 


As for the regular sweaty folks, either their motivation to get that bod is quite impressive… or they're so bored out of their minds the idea of being trapped in a plastic cube of stank actually sounds fun. 

One thing's for sure: after months of sitting on their asses, the last thing people need is another excuse to not go to the gym. If this is the new standard for the foreseeable future, America just got that much fatter.