The Flip Flopping The NFL Has Done On Gambling Over The Past 8 Years Has Been Hilarious To Watch

The year was 2015. Tony Romo had put together a fantasy football convention with players from across the league. Unfortunately for those who wanted to attend, the NFL shut it down because it was located at a...wait for!

"Players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos,"

This didn't come as that big of a shock for those that remembered that the NFL had sued New Jersey just 3 years earlier for its sports betting bill. 

For some reason, the NFL was terrified of betting, even though its league had been built off the backs of gamblers, fantasy, and daily fantasy players. 

And then things started to slowly change. 

And to add to it, the NFL will now have their Pro Bowl in Vegas:

Remember when betting was going to ruin the integrity of the league? What has happened over the past 8 years? Have the dollar signs gotten larger than the NFL's weak moral high ground? It appears so. 

This is only the start of sports leagues across America buying into sports betting. You don't have to look too far (across the pond to Europe) to see the impact sports betting has had on leagues like the Premier League. Thank god the NFL & other American sports leagues have decided to embrace betting, instead of profiting off of it without acknowledging it. We are all adults here. You can't sell me alcohol nonstop and then expect me to not be mature enough to not handle myself while placing money on a sports game.