Shout Out To This Chinese Woman Who Made $400,000 Buying Insurance On Flights She Predicted Would Be Delayed

(The Times)--The 45-year-old woman, surnamed Li, used 20 other identities in addition to her own, to take out almost 900 travel insurance policies from 2015 to 2019.

But instead of getting onto the flights herself, Li was making use of her past travel service work experience to selectively take out insurance on flights that she thought would be delayed.

The Paper, citing Yangtse Evening Post, said she was able to receive relevant information beforehand that tells her if the flight was going to be delayed or cancelled.

Thereafter, she would purchase the tickets to the flights that are likely to be delayed or cancelled, before checking if there is any extreme weather along the route the flight is going to take that day.

This woman was my hero right up until the part about the fraud. I think she is just a genius who figured out a loophole and then flew too close to the sun. I mean she sounds like Eduardo Saverin in the beginning of The Social Network when he made 300k trading oil futures based on predicting weather patterns. This little middle-aged woman is no different. Reading the board, pulling up the weather app, scanning insurance policies, and putting her kids through college. I feel like she should be given a medal or stock options instead of an arrest. Catch Me If You Can situation. Have her explain where all the loop holes are in the policy and then also have her help predict delays. Maximize efficiency. I mean, yeah, the fraud. Fraud is bad. Having 20 fake identities is a problem, but it's not like she was hurting anyone. Just playing the board and predicting weather. She is honestly my hero. There is NOTHING worse than a weather related airline delay. The airlines just keep bumping your boarding time back 15 minutes at a time so you don't even have time to decide if you can make it to the bar. I can't even tell you how many times I've sat at the gate for HOURS until they finally announce that you're canceled. It is an all-time horrible way to spend a day and you're completely powerless to fight back. Here is a shitty voucher for a flight you don't want in that moment. I want to build a statue for Ms Li. Getting one back for the little guy. Put it in C Terminal at ORD.