Somebody Show Rob Manfred This Graph Showing Baseball Is Slowly Dying

I like to follow Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight because it makes me feel smart when they tweet out statistics, graphs, polls and whatnot. Anyway, yesterday he tweeted out this Gallup poll which illustrates how much baseball is dying. It went from being America's pastime and clear favorite sport to a distant third. Hell, even SOCCER is about catch it. No offense to soccer, but also offense to soccer because I'm pretty sure you can't name a single player on your local soccer squad. 

I think maybe Rob Manfred should pull his out of his ass and see that our beloved sport is already slowly dying even when they are playing. I did often think that the "baseball is dead" narrative gets a tad bit overblown, but not anymore. The NFL will always be king, but I think the NBA has overtaken baseball too, and the numbers reflect that. Adam Silver is far and away the best commissioner in sports and that makes a difference. It gets said a lot, but the way the NBA markets the game and their players is so far light years ahead of the MLB that it's laughable. 

Everyone has different ways for baseball to "grow the game." Let people share clips on social media is far and the away the number one option. Not having local blackouts is another big one. Actually marketing their biggest stars, which sort of goes hand in hand with social media, is on the list as well. But you know what you have to do before trying to grow the game? Actually playing the game.

Baseball is absolutely in no position where they can afford to take a season off. Any momentum they've made over the past few seasons will be completely washed away. The owners, players, and especially Manfred should all know this. It's embarrassing at this point that all other sports are having no trouble ratifying plans, while the MLB can't even seemingly get close. I stand more with the players than the owners, but I do think all sides deserve to get a little bit of blame. But ultimately it reflects the worst on Rob Manfred. You're the god damn commissioner of the sport, and it's ultimately your responsibility to get baseball on the field. Work on some sort of compromise and FIGURE IT OUT (bigcat.gif). Baseball can now longer pretend to be in a pandemic delay. They're not delayed because of COVID anymore. They're delayed because of a labor dispute. 

I don't know what the solution is, but that's not my job. That's the commissioner of the league's job. I'm tired of seeing a new proposal every day that gets shot down 20 minutes later. I am expecting there to just not be baseball until we're officially told otherwise. 

I just want to see Gerrit Cole pitch for the New York Yankees. Is that really so much to ask for, Rob?