Coolio is On The Comeback Trail And Releasing All His New Music On PornHub


The Source - In a case of new age media meets old school talent, with a splash of straigh up wacky; 90?s mainstay, Coolio has teamed up with one of the web’s most popular pornography websites, As part of the deal Coolio will release all of his new music through the Porn Hub, and they’ve even provided video girls and a production team for his new music video “Take It To The Hub”. Whats most interesting is how Coolio is choosing to word his statement regarding the partnership; he told TMZ agreed to provide all the “talent” for his video — “Take it to the Hub” — and in exchange he’s going to debut all his new music on the website. This is humorous because it seems pretty evident that the 46th most popular website in the united states (76 in the world *) is not really the one who’s benefiting from the relationship, but for Coolio we can’t really imagine he’s getting any better looks than this.


PornHub just took the music video game, stole it’s lunch money, shoved it into a locker, and gave it a big time swirly. Why watch shitty edited music videos when you can go to the Hub and see the real deal? This is going to change the music industry forever. We’re talking first came the CD, then came iTunes, and now it’s PornHub’s time to shine. The sky is their oyster. Imagine if all the old rap videos could have been on PornHub. Juvenille “Back That Ass Up” in all it’s glory. Mystikal’s “Shake Ya Ass” was made for PornHub. Coolio is going to have his music featured on the 76th biggest website in the entire world. Let that simmer. Breathe that in. The 76th biggest website in the world and Coolio. YouJizz is probably scrambling to find Ma$e. Xhamster is getting Jermaine Dupree on the line ASAP.