Colter Wall Drops His First Single Off His New Album And He's The Best In Music Today: Bovine Goofin

Colter Wall is my favorite artist in the world and it's not close. There are other studs out there like Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, and Pony Bradshaw but for my money, Colter is the best. There are no voices that sound like his.  Just a fact. None. He's just a dude from the prairie plains of Saskatchewan who still uses his time off to run cattle across ranches while living in a little hut with his guitar, his blue jeans, and an array of cowboy hats that would make George Straight straight cum. 

When you see his picture, you dont hear his voice. But, when you hear his voice, all of the wild west and western twang comes into the picture perfectly. Colter Wall. So hot right now. Colter Wall. 

Listen and watch. Try not to be a fan. You cant. Simple as that.