Just a Little Late Morning #Pickem. Nothing More, Nothing Less

First things first, to the person that told my wife and children that I am "Horny for #Pickem's", you are a coward! My perfectly healthy hobbies and I are just fine, thank you.

Second of all, this isn't to make light of the risk factors listed or why this should all be taken seriously so we can get back to doing each of these things with zero risks.

Bruce Kesselring has issued the challenge, "You have $15 to build a kickass unforgettable summer go". Game on, Kesselring. I'm using my hypothetical $15 to build the things I miss most about this summer from hell.

Sports Stadiums $8 (Remaining: $7)

Man oh man, I've never picked a high dollar item quicker. I had a summer chock full of plans to go to sports stadiums. In March was the NCAA Tournament and the Final Four was in Atlanta. The end of the regular season is a great time to catch a Hawks game without breaking your wallet. I had the dates when the Angels came to town on my schedule because if Mike Trout is as good as they say he is, I gotta see this guy play in person. We've been fortunate enough to have been able to attend NBA postseason games in each of the last two years and I looked forward to keeping the streak alive. My Atlanta United futbol team was looking to avenge a loss in the conference finals last year and I was going to be there to see the comeback. Would this be the year that Julio Jones takes a swing at me during training camp? We may never know.

Backyard Barbecues $5 (Remaining: $2)

A steal at $5. There's never a bad time to barbecue but the food tastes a little bit better in the sunshine. I went to a social distancing cookout where there was a limit on how many people were present, how many people were allowed indoors at a time, everyone eating/drinking several feet away from each other, and masks required while indoors or outdoors. It was fun, as good food, company, and sunshine usually are, but it didn't feel right. Going back to the above, imagine going to a baseball game but having to sit a couple of feet apart from everyone. There was no popcorn vendor walking the aisles because cash is outlawed. You can't high-five anyone after a good play or security give you a STERN look. Anyone walking out of the bathroom without washing their hands would be arrested. It'd be fun, but it wouldn't feel right.

Getting takeout from a restaurant $1 (Remaining: $1)

This is probably just a "me thing", but I never really did takeout before the Rona. If I was ordering food, it was probably going to be delivered and if I get up to go to the restaurant, I'm probably going to sit down inside. This summer, takeout became a necessity as I got so goddamn tired of eating food that I cooked. Not to throw the term "exemplar" around but I had to cook every meal for me! 

Now, takeout includes you having to agree to park 15 feet away from the restaurant while the chef throws your order from the kitchen as not to violate the "contactless takeout" option you selected. There's also a long line because four other cars ahead of you are tired of eating their own food too. Everything is fun.

Playing tennis $1 (Remaining: $0)

I had a dollar left.