It's Officially Great News Day At Barstool Sports : Britney Spears Finally Did 'It'

Big day of great news and I'm talking GREAT news. We had Cardi B getting her ass tattoo redone: 

We're all apparently miserable too: 

And now this. Britney Spears finally did it folks. She finally cut bangs. It was a big step for Britney Spears, who yeah, she doesn't have her fastball anymore like we remember her, but what a comeback. If you told me this is what we got after bald head crazy Britney? This is a huge win.

Hell, even recently she mentioned how she casually burned her gym down. 

2020 - the year Britney was BACK! (kinda).

Long live 2003

I truly feel bad for people that weren't around for peak Britney. She was an ICON for guys and girls. She was the girl that every single guy dreamt of. Good for her for finally doing it.