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A Sad Day In American History: Delta and American Airlines Are Banning Alcohol On Planes

Airlines including Easyjet and KLM in Europe, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines in the United States, and Asia's Virgin Australia, are suspending all or part of their alcoholic drinks service in response to Covid-19. 

It's part of a widespread revision of the industry's food and drink service to minimize interaction between crew and passengers and to ensure a safer journey for all. 

First question: doesn't alcohol kill germs?

Second question: does this include BYOB?

Third question: how dare you take away my right to get drunk really fast on an airplane? That has to be against the constitution somehow.

But alas, the suits minds have been made up. Alcohol is banned from both American and Delta Airlines to "minimize interactions" between crew members and passengers. What a sad, sad day in American history. Is nothing sacred anymore? Should we just cancel the entire civilization? End the the world right now?

First they came for the NBA. Then they came for March Madness. And they came for baseball, both Little League and professionally. And the Masters. And music festivals. And national spelling bees. And basically everything good under the sun. And they're still coming for football. But to take away alcohol on planes? You, coronavirus, have gone too far this time.

How is getting served by a stewardess any different than going out to eat? They prepare the food with gloves on. Or how is it different than going to a bar, which you can now do. You hand your cashier your cash or card, and then they give you a receipt to sign with a pen. Then someone else does the same thing. Multiple people touching multiple things. This smells FISHY! I don't see how now is the time to announce this restriction....and I don't see how this is any more dangerous than a lot of the things that are opening back up. Could this whole Covid-19 thing be a convenient excuse to diffuse another issue?

With no alcohol, what are the all the girls that just got dumped going to sit? Sit around and NOT drink and NOT punch windows?

And what about the nervous passengers!? They're going to be having panic attacks! Do you really want that on your hands, American and Delta? This is a disaster waiting to happen. "Plane grounded because man couldn't get whiskey and Diet Coke to calm his nerves". Passengers will be outraged. Lawsuits. Refund after refund. I don't know....I'm just not sure this is just the best business decision here. Besides, wouldn't serving overpriced alcohol make these struggling airlines a fair amount of money.....? Something doesn't seem right here.