Madden 21's Lamar Jackson "MVP Edition" Cover Is A Thing Of Beauty

There ya have it. Lamar spilled the beans last month that he would be on the Madden cover, and now we finally have our first look at what that cover looks like. Now I gotta say, the "deluxe edition" and what I guess we'll call the "regular edition" ones are alright. Collages of him oozing that pregame swagger, hurdles, and smiles... those will do the job just fine.

But THIS. This right here is a thing of beauty.

lamar mvp sb.jpg

MVP Edition. Greyscale. Simple. Epic.

And don't think for a second that we didn't miss that shade down there


Video narrated by Lil Wayne was unbelievable too. Pure goosebumps. Never been more excited for a video game in my life.

All I gotta say is August 25th my life belongs to Madden '21.