Cleveland Is Still Bitter At Art Modell, Browns Fan Pisses On His Grave


Here’s the deal, Cleveland. I get that you’re mad at Art Modell. He moved your franchise 53 players and a few coaches away for 3 whole years. I don’t expect him to be beloved there. But how about a little perspective, Cleveland? It’s all gravy right now. The chips fell your way in the NFL draft and then the most influential athlete of our generation decided to give you a second go. Things have literally never been better in the factory of sadness. Smile a bit.


Art Modell had the decency to ensure a new stadium within 3 years for the Cleveland Browns, which was a franchise that technically never moved. The Baltimore Ravens were legally a brand new franchise in 1996, only taking players from Cleveland. It’s 99% the opposite of the Colts leaving for Indianapolis. Not to mention Modell played a huge part in making the NFL into what it is today. You’re welcome, everyone. So quit the sour grapes at your former owner, Cleveland, that’s our shtick. Save your piss for somebody else.


PS: Nobody needs to piss on Irsay’s grave because that drunk pissed himself enough as it is.

PPS: Thank god Modell left the franchise there because those logos and colors are HEINOUS.

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Dude reeks of Cleveland.