Kendrick Perkins Says If Kyrie Really Wants To Give All Of It Up He Should Retire From The NBA Today

Here's what I'll say about Kendrick Perkins. It's refreshing listening to someone like him not hold back whenever he talks about a topic. Everyone on ESPN, Fox, CBS, fill in the blank of these sports shows networks are vanilla and to quote Dave are often literal human rain delays. Perkins will at least stir it up a bit and say whatever the fuck he's thinking. Do you always agree with him? Nope, but I'll give him credit for saying what he actually believes. 

And now he has this out there. We all know the story with Kyrie being the leading voice about being skeptical of playing in Orlando. There's the rumor that he's the one speaking up since he's not allowed to go to Orlando due to injury and minimizing the amount of people that are traveling, etc. But at the same time, you had Woj saying this yesterday: 

Remember Kyrie is the VP of the Players Association, so he is doing his job speaking up about players concerns. The question is how many players did he talk to? There is no doubt players have concerns about the return, from living situations to how many people they can travel with to just general health concerns. All legit. 

But like Perk says, you sit here and say you're willing to give it all up. We have proof of someone who did this. Maya Moore was one of the, if not the best player in the WNBA when she walked away last year to focus on criminal justice reform, her family and her ministry. She was just 29 when she made that decision - very much in her prime. So there is a precedent here. If Kyrie really is 'willing' to give it all up, here you go. Just retire. 

PS: Imagine Durant's reaction to that. He went to Brooklyn so he could play with Kyrie. You wanna talk about an all-time backfire signing.