The Champions League Is Moving To A 'Mini World Cup' For The Elite Eight And Watching Sports To End This Year Is Going To Be AWESOME

[Source] - The Champions League final is heading to Lisbon, with UEFA planning an Aug. 23 final to cap seven broadcast nights in a 12-day span of elite European teams playing knockout soccer.

The widely reported UEFA wish to hold an eight-team knockout bracket in two empty stadiums in Portugal's capital was confirmed in reports Monday by broadcaster Sky Italia.

Fuck. Yes. This sounds awesome. For those unfamiliar with Champions League, it's always a 2-leg round until the finals. You play a home/away game, aggregate score advances with tiebreakers like away goals, etc. But moving to a one-game scenario at the same stadium or at the minimum the same city for the Elite Eight (they don't call it that, but everyone knows what Elite Eight means) is fucking awesome. 

But this just shows how awesome watching sports to end this year is going to be. We're getting this tournament in August. We have college football and the NFL coming back. We have the Kentucky Derby in September. We have the NBA (likely) coming back. The NHL and MLS are coming back. Everyone is laughing and screaming at how shitty Rob Manfred has been. 

This is how the Champions League should always be honestly. I'd love to see them go to a true World Cup style. Play the pool play and then, even if you do seeding for the knockout stage I understand it's not normal to put everyone in the same city, but if this could work with all the different leagues I LOVE this idea going forward. Ideally I'd say start this from the Sweet 16 and have them play over a 15-day span. Shit, even set it up like the NCAA Tournament or World Cup where you have 3-4 games a day. 

God, I can't wait to sit around and watch sports all day again. We're getting closer. We had golf and horse racing and NASCAR on this past weekend. We're getting so damn close and I've never been more ready.