Start Your Day With The Definition Of 'Unequivocally'

Yankees outfielder Mike Tauchman posed a great question yesterday. Have we all been using the word 'unequivocally' incorrectly our whole lives? When someone of significant power (for arguments sake the commissioner of baseball) says there will 100% unequivocally be a baseball season in 2020 shouldn't that end the story right there? 5 days later (less than a week!) you shouldn't be allowed to go back on your word and say you're not confident anymore in a season being played.  That's not how unequivocally works. Or are we in the wrong? Let's go to the dictionary and refresh our memories. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 12.25.23 AM.png

LEAVING NO DOUBT you asshole. Fire Rob Manfred. 

Fire him into the sun.